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  • What Is TDX?

    TDX is a premier crypto crowdfunding and community engagement platform that offers highly vetted projects, allowing users to invest amounts ranging from $50 to $400 without the need for staking, as required by other launchpads. 

    This unique access, combined with a stringent project vetting process, positions TDX as one of the most eagerly anticipated platforms of the year for retail investors seeking opportunities typically reserved for venture capitalists.

  • How to Join TDX?

    To join TDX, please visit our main page and sign up using your email or Google account.

  • How to Participate in a Token Sale?
    1. Sign up with your email address.
    2. Complete the KYC process.
    3. Navigate to the project page you wish to invest in.
    4. Click on the “Apply Now” button.
    5. Complete the payment process.
  • How to Complete KYC on TDX?
    1. Click on the KYC button located in your user profile.
    2. Follow the KYC journey, which includes face matching and ID document verification.
    3. A specialized team will verify your documents in any given language.
    4. If no additional documents are required, you will receive an approval email, and your status will be updated to “verified user.”
  • Minimum Investment Requirement

    The minimum investment amount to participate in TDX projects is $25.

  • Security of Your Seed Phrase or Private Keys

    TDX will never request your seed phrase or private keys. Stay vigilant and be cautious of anyone asking for such information.

  • What Is Investor Lifecycle Management?

    Investor lifecycle management is a feature that tracks the performance of investors based on their engagement, investment activities, and holdings over time.

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