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State of RWAs 2024

The tokenization of real-world assets (RWAs) has emerged as one of the most transformative trends of 2024. By turning physical assets into digital tokens on the blockchain, this approach boosts liquidity, transparency, and accessibility in the market. It is a modern approach poised to democratize traditional finance.

Meet our


Muhammad Ibrahim Salman

Head of Web3 & Innovation, InvoiceMate

McKinsey projects a $4 trillion RWA tokenization market in six years. InvoiceMate sees RWAs driving B2B blockchain adoption, with banks and governments paving the way.

Pritam Dutta

CEO & Founder, Zoth

BCG forecasts a $16 trillion RWA market by 2030. Zoth notes major banks and governments are embracing RWAs, signaling immense 2024 potential.

Oleg Kurchenko

CEO & Founder, Binaryx

Tokenizing RWAs boosts transparency and liquidity, making assets like real estate accessible. Early adopters include BlackRock and Goldman Sachs, with evolving European regulations.


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Unlocking the Future of Finance:
The Tokenization of Real-World Assets

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