Klink is a leading crypto platform that innovatively combines quest-based task rewards with strategic investing opportunities on its multi-service platform. Klink provides a unique opportunity for its users to earn cryptocurrencies for participation in affiliate-sponsored quests whilst growing their investments simultaneously.



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ValuesCo provides a dynamic platform where individuals, brands, and nonprofits collaborate to create projects that drive significant social impact. This collaborative approach not only brings about change but also enables participants to co-own and earn from their contributions. The platform fosters collective creativity and ownership in areas such as environmental sustainability and social entrepreneurship, building a vibrant community dedicated to making a positive difference.


Metta is revolutionizing self-care by utilizing blockchain technology to establish a unique marketplace for audio content. Users gain access to a diverse library of podcasts, stories, meditations, and music, while also earning rewards for their engagement. This innovative platform not only enhances personal well-being but also introduces a new revenue model for content creators through NFTs.