The TDX Incubation Program is a guiding light for innovative projects looking to make a significant market impact. Our initiative carefully selects and nurtures high-potential ventures, providing them with the tools and support they need not just to launch, but to thrive and succeed in a competitive environment. Here’s how we’re paving the way for the next generation of market leaders.

What makes us strong?

Key features

Selective Excellence

We handpick projects with unparalleled potential for impact and profitability.

Launchpad Advantage

Projects graduate to our exclusive launchpad, connecting innovative ideas with enthusiastic investors, promising mutual growth and success.

Profitable Partnerships

It is not just about launching; it’s about creating profitable opportunities for both projects and investors, ensuring a sustainable ecosystem of innovation.

Comprehensive Support

From concept to launch, we provide tailored mentorship, strategic resources, and development guidance.

They say it all for us

Numbers to Note:


Average all-time high (ATH)
 for our projects

Over 50+

Successful projects

Join us in fostering the next generation of market leaders through our exciting Incubation Program!

Leadership at the Forefront of Innovation:


Constantin Kogan

CEO of TDX & Partner at TDVC

VC, OTC Trading, Market Making, Incubation, Tokenization

Gaurav Dubey

CEO of TDeFi & Chairman
of TradeDog Group

Business Strategy, Consulting, Strategic Excellence

Rishabh Gupta

Director at TradeDog Group

Token Economics, Partnerships, Operational Success

A trio dedicated to pushing the boundaries

of the Web3 ecosystem.


Partners & Media

Media Partners


150 000+ users joined

TDX in Social Media

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